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AmeRadon Services, LLC
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Serving South Central Minnesota

Our mission is to save lives by educating homeowners about the danger of radon gas, to provide accurate radon measurement services and to offer effective, affordable radon mitigation solutions.  

Ameradon Services, LLC with offices in Mankato and Albert Lea, Minnesota offers professional radon measurement and affordable radon mitigation services to homeowners in South Central, Minnesota.  You can trust the professionals at Ameradon to design and install an effective, efficient and trouble free radon abatement system for your home.  We are the only Mankato and Albert Lea area contractor 100% committed to radon reduction.  Radon reduction is all we do, and we guarantee results. Please contact us if you have any questions about radon gas, radon gas measurement or radon mitigation solutions for your home.

It has been over twenty-five years since we installed our first radon mitigation system.  Since then, we have accumulated many hours of certification and advanced mitigation diagnostic training.  Our experience also includes over thirty-years of combined home remodeling and home construction, including - framing, insulation, plumbing, wiring, roofing, siding, floor covering and finishing.  We find these to be important skills when installing effective radon mitigation systems in homes and other buildings.

We have tested and repaired schools, apartment complexes, office buildings and hundreds of homes in South Central, MN. Radon reduction is all we do and we guarantee results.  Feel free to CONTACT US if you have questions about radon, radon measurement, or about our radon reduction services for your home or office.  

Customer Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers.  Please send us your comments about our products and services. 


  • Quick to respond and very professional and excellent results. - Terry F  Mankato, MN

  • First and foremost the mitigation worked from a measurement of 10.6 down to 2.5. Very pleasing was the work generally non-interrupting and complete clean-up at the end. - Martin S   St Peter, MN

  • I have had you do two radon installs and my clients have been very happy with your work.  You also do a great job job of clean up after you are done. Thanks!  - Patty B,  Mankato, MN

  • They were very prompt and courteous. They made sure the system was functional and also cleaned up any debris that the installation generated. I would recommend them - Ann N, Lake Crystal, MN

  • Our radon mitigation device has been working as promised since it was installed 3 years ago - Mankato, MN

  • After testing, Ameradon came in, figured out the appropriate action, came a week later, did what they said they would in an efficient fashion, finishing in 1/2 day. They cost what they estimated, we were very happy! Highly recommended - Joy W, Mankato, MN.

  • AmeRadon was timely, professional and courteous. They came to set up a radon test for us as scheduled, even though the area here in southern Minnesota was still digging out from a snow storm - Elise N, Windom, MN 

  • We had known about the system but didn't think about actually getting one until we bought a home and was able to get it put in with the negotiating on the house. We were pleased with how they put it in with out ruining the look of our home. Its neatly tucked away and knowing its there is all we need to know. We also know the man who put it in found more of the system had to be put in then he first thought and he was honest about his estimate. So there is integrity in the company he works for and its appreciated. Would recommend him and your company if anyone was looking to put one in - Jeff and Crystal, North Mankato, MN

  • Thank you Tom, Drew and Brian for doing a very good job in what had to be a difficult house to work in.  I will gladly recommend you to anyone that needs radon mitigation. -  Tom Salesbery, Mankato, MN 

  • Tom and his staff did a great job. Our house required extra work due to internal concrete walls. He gave us a proposal, stuck to it, and successfully lowered our radon from 16 pCi/L to 1.0 pCi/L. - Jason & Pamela Westman, Mankato, MN

  • Your process for radon mitigation at our home was very professional from the beginning to the final analysis upon completion. Your explanation of the process was reassuring to Lynn and me. The staff was courteous and considerate while working in our home. The final radon tests were proof of a job well done. we would highly recommend your services to anyone. - Mike & Lynn Callahan, North Mankato, MN

  • Thank you, Tom and Ameradon Services, for the work you do to make people's homes safe! - Patti P., St Peter, MN 

  • Thank you Tom!  It was a pleasure having you work here at our home. Please let me know if I you ever need a job referral and we would be more than happy to give you one. We felt very comfortable with you working in our house and moreover your job was impeccable :) Thank you again!! - Maria and David, Hopkins, MN

  • We are very happy with our radon removal system! – Your service has been great and we will recommend your company to our friends and relatives. Thank you - Malcolm Brandt, Madelia, MN 

  • Great work Tom! You did an excellent job of installing our radon mitigation system– without delay and professionally. - Darrel and Lavola, Lake Crystal, MN

  • Our new mitigation system turned out great and it lowered our very high radon levels to below 1.0 pCi/L. Thank you. - Rose Tinklenberg, Madelia, MN 

  • Wow!  We are amazed and impressed at how your system lowered our very high radon levels (20.0 pCi/L down to 0.4 pCi/L). would highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you! - Jay & Mavis, Lake Crystal, MN

  • We are very happy with our radon removal system. We sleep better knowing that the radon level in our home is much lower. - Judy & Clint Patterson, Kasson, MN