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Radon Mitigation, Radon Abatement and Radon Remediation Services.  Radon Reduction Is All We Do and We Guarantee Results.

We are:

  • Committed - Ameradon Services is the only local contractor that is 100% Committed To Radon Reduction.

  • Trained - Our technicians have completed special training for advanced diagnostics and radon mitigation system design.

  • Certified - AARST/NRPP Certified for both radon measurement and radon mitigation.

  • Licensed - Our technicians are Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health for radon measurement and radon mitigation.

  • Experienced - We have tested and repaired schools, apartment complexes, office buildings and hundred of homes in Southern Minnesota.  We promise to install the most effective and energy efficient radon mitigation system possible for your home.

  • Insured - $100,000,000 Commercial General Liability Coverage.

We Offer:

  • Five-year parts and labor warranty included with every radon mitigation system we install.

  • Five-year performance guarantee - Radon reduction guarantee.

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control - All radon reduction systems are installed to EPA radon mitigation standards.

  • Advanced diagnostics and radon mitigation system design - Our systems are properly sized, saving you money year-after-year.

  • Do-it-yourself Radon Mitigation Consultation - Want to do-it-yourself?  Contact us for free advice.

Contact us if your family is at risk from elevated levels or radon gas - we will send a certified radon reduction specialist to your home to complete a no obligation consultation and assessment of your home.  You will later receive a written proposal of the estimated cost and scope of work that will be required to reduce the radon in your home.  On the day of mitigation we will review the mitigation proposal and installation process with you and answer any questions you may have.  Installation will begin immediately, starting with advanced sub slab diagnostics and radon mitigation system design.  This procedure will determine the number and location of soil gas collection points required for effective mitigation of radon gas and the best vent stack routing options for your home.  Any system design changes or additional costs will be brought to your attention at this stage.  Once the system has been designed our trained, certified and experienced professionals will complete the radon mitigation.  Expect some noise during the diagnostics and installation as we drill holes through your concrete floor (we use vacuums with HEPA filters for this process).  After the mitigation is complete (usually the same day), we will review the system operation with you.  Post mitigation testing will be required to determine system effectiveness.  We will conduct the post mitigation measurement with a Professional Radon Monitor, or we will leave do-it-yourself radon test devices with you so you can complete your own post mitigation testing.  We also offer Pro Series 3 Electronic Radon Monitors if you would like to continuously monitor the radon in your home.  A licensed electrician will be required to wire the radon mitigation fan. You can hire your own if you prefer, or we will arrange for one for you.

Groundwater Management - If your home has an indoor sump basin for collecting groundwater it will need to be tightly sealed.  The basin will be sealed with a lid and silicone caulk, making the lid easy to remove when it is time to replace the sump pump.  You should consider replacing your sump pump if it is nearing its end-of-life before we seal the basin.  We offer an optional removable view port for your sump basin lid (view ports are highly recommended for active sump systems!)  We also offer battery operated high-water alarms with audible alerts for your sump basin. 

Indoor vs Outdoor Vent Stack Systems - If it appears that we are trying to talk you into an indoor vent pipe system, it's because we are.  While exterior vent pipe systems are less costly to install, they are unsightly and are subject to frost and ice buildup that can restrict the airflow in your mitigation venting system, resulting in higher radon levels during the cold winter heating season.  We often see exterior radon vent pipes that are completely restricted due to ice. Our technicians will go to great lengths to find suitable indoor vent stack routingoptions from the basement to your attic.  Options include - interior closets, abandoned chimney or mechanical chases and attached garages.  If indoor routing options are limited, we may recommend building a drywall chase to conceal the vent pipe in the finished areas of your home.  When no indoor options exist, your vent stack will need to be installed on the outside of your home.

Other Considerations for Radon Mitigation - Noise can be a real concern for radon mitigation venting systems.  If not properly installed, fan noise and/or system vibration transfer through building materials can keep you awake at night.  Properly sealing air leaks in your homes foundation will improve the system effectiveness and limit the loss of conditioned air from your home.  A properly sized and installed radon mitigation system will be both effective and efficient.  We use advanced diagnostics to properly design your mitigation system, saving you money year-after-year and extending the life of your radon mitigation fan.  One-third of our systems are installed with a twenty-watt radon mitigation fan.

Radon mitigation is a combination of science, education and experience. The U.S EPA recommends that you have a qualified contractor fix your home because lowering high radon levels requires specific technical knowledge and skills. Without the proper equipment and knowledge, you could actually increase your radon level or create other potential hazards. Undersized radon mitigation systems will not effectively reduce the radon in your home. Over sized systems can create dangerous back drafting conditions and will increase your annual operating costs.  Ameradon uses advanced mitigation diagnostics to properly size your system, saving you money, and extending the life of your mitigation system fan.

Radon Reduction Performance GuaranteeOur active Drain Tile Depressurization (DTD) radon mitigation systems are guaranteed to reduce your homes average annual indoor radon level* to below the World Health Organization (WHO) repair action guideline of 2.7 pCi/L.  Our active Sub Slab Depressurization (SSD) radon mitigation systems are guaranteed to reduce your homes average annual indoor radon level to below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) repair action guideline of 4.0 pCi/L.  *A long-term alpha track test device exposed in your home for one full year will determine the average annual indoor radon level.

Limited Warranty - Ameradon Services, LLC warrants your radon mitigation system to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation.  Our performance guarantee is for five (5) years from the date of system installation.  *This Limited warranty and system performance guarantee does not apply to any failure caused by natural disasters, foundation settling, animals, rodents, insects, fire, acts of war or terrorism, vandalism or failure caused by home renovations.  This warranty and performance guarantee does not provide any coverage for frost or ice restrictions in exterior vent pipes, or loss or damage to the home, persons or property caused by groundwater management systems installed in your home.  In no event shall Ameradon Services, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of, or relating to, your radon mitigation system. Ameradon Services, LLC aggregate liability hereunder shall not in any event exceed the amount of the purchase price of your mitigation system.  The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be the repair or replacement of the system components installed by our Ameradon Services, LLC technicians.  This performance guarantee and limited warranty are transferable.  *Minimum $85.00 charge will apply for all service and warranty calls.   

*While every attempt will be made to reduce the average annual radon level in your home to below the EPA repair action guidline of 4.0 pCi/L, Ameradon Services, LLC cannot guarantee these levels if your home has inaccessible crawl space areas, sub-slab HVAC vents that are not properly sealed, or if you refuse installation of all required system components.   **Active drain tile depressurization (DTD) systems apply to homes with properly installed and fully unrestricted groundwater drainage systems as determined by our sub slab airflow diagnostics.